GEN6 - Greek IPv6 Pilot

The GEN6 consortium is participated by nineteen organizations from 9 different countries, including public entities, research/academy and IPv6 experts.

1.       Devoteam Danet GmbH (Germany)

2.       Consultores Integrales en Telecomunicaciones "Consulintel", S.L. (Spain)

3.       TÜBİTAK Ulusal Akademik Ağ ve Bilgi Merkezi (Turkey)

4.       University of Murcia (Spain)

5.       Luxembourg University (Luxemburg)

6.       Ministry of Finance and Public Administration (Spain)

7.       Univerza v Ljubljani (Slovenia)

8.       Nederlandse Organisatie Voor Toegepast Natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek - TNO (Netherlands)

9.       KDVZ Citkomm (Germany)

10.   Fraunhofer Institute for Open Communication Systems - FOKUS (Germany)

11.   Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism (Spain)

12.   Turksat Satellite Communications, Cable TV and Operation Inc. Co. (Turkey)

13.   Greek Research and Technology Network S.A. (Greece)

14.   Computer Technology Institute & Press “Diophantus” (Greece)

15.   Intelen Services Limited (Cyprus)

16.   Gemeente Alkmaar (Netherlands)

17.   Ministry of the Interior (Czech Republic)

18.   Ministry of Industry and Trade (Czech Republic)

19.   CZ.NIC (Czech Republic)

 GEN6 is supported as well by an Advisory Board with renowned experts.

 Partners that participate to the Greek pilot:

1.       Computer Technology Institute & Press “Diophantus” (Greece)

Τhe Computer Technology Institute and Press "Diophantus" is a research and technology organization focusing on research and development in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). Particular emphasis is placed on education, by developing and deploying conventional and digital media in education and lifelong learning; publishing printed and electronic educational materials; administrating and managing the Greek School Network; and supporting the organization and operation of the electronic infrastructure of the Greek Ministry of Education, Lifelong Learning and Religious Affairs and all educational units.

2.       Greek Research and Technology Network S.A. (Greece)

GRNET SA runs the Greek Research & Technology Network, according to the operating model of corresponding EU Research and Education Networks.

It operates both at a national and international level and constitutes the setting for the development of innovative services for the members of the Greek research and education communities. GRNET SA connects more than 90 institutions, including all universities, technical and research institutes, as well as thepublicGreek School Network, supporting more than 500.000 users all over the country. Moreover, it provides local interconnection services to the main Greek Internet providers, through the Greek Internet Exchange/GR-ΙΧ. 

3.       Intelen Services Limited (Cyprus)

INTELEN is a software company in the CleanTech / Energy Information and Communications Technology (ICT) domain. Company’s mission is to become a market leader in energy efficiency software field (energy analytics) by combining leading-edge IT knowledge and innovation.

INTELEN is a service provider company that develops systems and software for utility, auditors, contractors, retailers, commercial & industrial clients in order to monitor, analyze and predict energy consumption and determine the most cost-efficient energy efficiency measures.